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Selections… (Post #3)

OK, we arrived at the Clarendon Colour Studio at 8:50am. We were supposed to see the kitchen guy first but since he wasn’t there and the air con guy was, we were whisked away into his suite.

The included Temperzone system was a fixed speed model and I knew I wanted an inverter model.The salesperspon laid our choices in front of us – Toshiba or Carrier. Apparently there was a special going on both these brands as they had imported a container-load of them. We settled on the 11kw Toshiba. We don’t think we would need to cool the whole house at one time, hence 11kw. We could have upgraded to 14kw which would have allowed us to cool the entire house at one time, at an extra cost of about $800. Extra zones cost about $400 ea. We initially went that way – added two zones, making it a total of 4 and also upgraded the controller to the backlit model. We were all most finished when I saw the MyAir3 display stand behind me !!! Yes, we ended up upgrading to the MyAir3 for about $1600 extra, but we didn’t need the extra two zones we added earlier because the MyAir3 comes with four zones as standard. The $800 for two zones was credited back.

All up, our expenses for aircon were about $4200, including 2 small RA grills, instead of one large one. We did not want the large grill in the Living room ceiling, so wen’upgraded’ to having two smaller grills put in the hallway, out of sight !

Then came the kitchen appointment. This actually covers all wet areas. We knew this was going to be long. We changed all under-bench cupboards to drawers. We also extended the overheads cupboards almost to the ceiling, thus making the bulkhead smaller. Another expense was the 2 x Hettich Cargo IQ Plus pull out drawers. The standard height of the benchtop is 940mm from slab. If you are putting tiles, this may have to be raised, more so for the dishwasher so it can fit. You may have a hard time fitting the dishwasher under the bench if the floor height is too much. We also got the wall cabinet light boxes to conceal downlights/cabling. Kitchen colours selection includes …… to be added.

Our  final colour selection for the kitchen ended up like this:

Quantum Quartz - PolarKitchen benchtop and Island: 40mm Quantum Quartz POLAR with pencil round edge and mitre waterfall edge to Island.

Splashback: ESPRESSO with return on 2 sides


Door/Panel/ benchtop shadowline/kickboard: Polytec MALT Sheen finish


Bar Panel (This is the area under the Island benchtop where the bar stools will go)

Colour selection for Bathroom/Ensuite

Quantum-Quartz-MOCHABench top: 20mm Quantum Quartz MOCHA (this colour was a level 1 upgrade)

Polytec-MARNI-LINIDoor /Panel/benchtop shadowline/kickboard: Polytec MARNI LINI Vertical grain


Our external colour selections went like this:

Main body brick: Austral Whitsunday BRAMPTON

Feature brick (3 pillars on Carlton facade): Austral Whitsunday ORPHEUS

Mortar Joint: Ironed

Mortar Colour: Off-white


Feature acrylic render: Taubmans MANHATTAN (Rendered by Clarendon)

Roof Style: Contour

Roof Colour: Gunmetal (Tempted to upgrade to Charcoal Grey, but have to say ‘No’ somewhere – this was one of those ‘somewheres’)

SurfmistFascia: Surfmist

Window Frame: Surfmist

BasaltGutter/Downpipe/Watertank: Basalt

Garage-doorDoor Colour: Steel-Line DecoWood Western Red Cedar (upgrade)

Garage Door Type: Flatline

Front Entry Door: Upgraded to Corinthian Pivot SUNWS GL from INFWS 6G

Front Entry Door Colour: Clarendon Dark Stain

We also got sarking for our roof. Also, it was a little shock that Clarendon don’t provide any glazing to external bathroom windows ! All they provide is a clear glass. We upgraded to a translucent glazed window ! Over  than $200 per window. Pretty expensive.

Coming to the internals, we started with doors/locks/handles/passage sets/privacy locks etc.

Standard included door is a flush panel door. Upgrades are available at Level 1 ($35/door), Level 2 ($70 per door). We didn’t ask more !

Corinthian interior deco DECO-2D

Internal Door: Corinthian Deco 2D (second level upgrade)

Gainsborough Omni Trilock

Upgraded the front entry door lock to a Gainsborough Omni Allure Trilock Set

Some of our upgrades and their costs:


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  1. Simran
    November 27, 2014

    Great colour selection and I liked the front door entry

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