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Building a single storey Clarendon home

Worst construction experience so far …… (Post #10)

Never ever again with Clarendon.

Clarendon was soooo nice when we were in Admin stage. I was happy and was looking forward to the construction starting. But alas, I had no clue what was coming ……

Excavation on our block began in first week of November 2014 and on 13th Nov the slab was poured. And that was it …..

Waited for 2 weeks because that’s when frames get delivered and they start going up. But no frames even till end of November. Calls to Site supervisor every week always promised delivery ‘next week’. Frames were finally delivered on 04 December 2014, with carpenters to be on site next Monday or Tuesday 8th or 9th December 2014.

Of course no one showed up. Now the promises from site supervisor changed form ‘delivery next week’ to ‘once tradies finish the other site, they will move onto yours’. It soon started raining for days on end. I was hoping that we would get roof tiles before the Christmas break which was from 19th December 2014. How wrong was I !

Finally I had had enough, and on 14th December 2014 sent an email to the head office asking to speak to someone higher up. To their credit I got a callback within 10 minutes from the Area Manager and he basically fed me the same b$ that I was told earlier. I countered his claims by giving him evidence of two other Clarendon homes which had started after me and now they were ahead of me. How could they find tradies for those homes and not mine ? He did not have a plausible answer for this.

Maybe my call had an effect and tradies turned up on site next day for 6 hours only though. They put up half the frame and left the rest of it half dangling on slab and half on ground!!! What were they thinking ? With all the rain over the Christmas/New year period, the frame has been soaked and sun-dried over a dozen times.

Its now 2015 and mid January and not a soul on site. No progress. Grass and weed are already waist high.

So from 13th November 2014 (when slab was poured) till mid January 2015, tradies were on site for a grand total of 6 hours.

All these delays to our home while seeing others progress has really killed the initial euphoria we had of building our new ‘Clarendon’ home.

Mr. Peter Campbell, I hope this finds its way to you and my home gets completed on time. And hoping my home is not full of warped timber from all the rain soaking/drying.


2 comments on “Worst construction experience so far …… (Post #10)

  1. Gurpreet Singh
    January 14, 2015

    And I think it happens only in India. So all the contractors are from same soul. Almost same experience here 😉 Any way your writing style is really good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Killara24
      January 15, 2015

      Thanks for words of appreciation.
      Its the same story everywhere !


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