Killara 24

Building a single storey Clarendon home

Things getting back to normal…. (Post #11)

So in the third week of Jan 2015 our Site supervisor was changed. Since the new SS has come onboard, there has been progress made, slowly, but surely. he told us that we will have roof tiles by 4th/5th Feb 2015. As of writing this post on 3rd Feb, this does look probable. Next few days are cloudy with prediction for some rain. We hope this ‘some’ gets converted to ‘none’.
Yesterday 2nd Feb 2015, frames, windows and roof trusses were finally installed – more than 2 months after they were delivered on site on 4th December. I have asked our independent inspector (HK Ryan Associates) about the integrity of frame after enduring 2 months of rain and dry weather. He said it should not have any effect, but will assess the frame’s exposure at the next inspection .

Internal plumbing also done.
Black pipes – Water
Green pipes – Rainwater tank
Yellow pipes – Gas

Progress of frame and gutters …



Stacker doors for alfresco will go here

Gas point in Living

Decina Uno 1700mm bath will go here

Kelvinator recessed gas HWS

Plumbing for island benchtop

Point for Ceiling mounted shower head

Gutter, fascia, valleys


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