Killara 24

Building a single storey Clarendon home

Little annoying things to look out for (Post #15)

There are a couple of little things which have since cropped up which required me letting the SS know that I am not happy about them.

Firstly, the cavity access manhole. They cut it right in the middle of the garage. I have always seen it closer to the internal door. But no, some inexperienced guy decided to cut the hole right in the middle. There wouldn’t be enough space to put a ladder underneath it, even if one car was parked in the garage.

I also had the wiring done for the video intercom thingy. But they have terminated the wire too close to the front door. Who would want to press the button and wait right at the door. Usually people like to wait a couple of steps behind the door.
Also, the field of view would mostly have my front door in it, if you know what I mean !! Why would I want that ? I would like to have it cover as wide an angle as possible. But putting it very close to the door defeats the purpose !

UPDATE: Regarding the intercom wiring, I got hold of the brickie and he was able to rectify it ! What worked to our benefit was that he had only done the 20 courses of bricks, so he could relocate the wire, since he still had access to space behind the bricks !

It might be a task getting the manhole relocated.


6 comments on “Little annoying things to look out for (Post #15)

  1. Steve
    April 25, 2015

    Hi ,

    Have you got your first step in your dream house yet ?

    do you mind telling me how much was this cost you to build a house with Claredenhomes ?

    How much you spent on upgrade ? because I intend to build the same house package like you with Claredon.

    Do you think I should go with Claredon homes ?

    Thanks a lot.



    • Killara24
      April 27, 2015

      Hi Steve
      We are not in yet. After handover, we still have to do things like driveway, landscaping, fencing and few things inside.
      As for costs, the base cost of this house was $190,000 I think ($183,150, to be exact). You then add site costs, upgrades etc. An average house may have upgrades anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000. Some people even spend upto a hundred thousand on upgrades, depending on the size of house and their tastes.
      Clarendon is a good reputable builder. It all pretty much depends on whether you like any of their designs and if they fit your needs.


  2. Steve
    April 27, 2015

    Hi Killara

    Thanks for your answers. I went to see the Claredon sale consultant , he told me that the basic cost for Killara 24 is $244,550 ( evolution), and $261,600 ( Sapphire ) .

    How come you only pay $190k for the basic ? so your package was not including driveway, landscaping and fencing, was it ?

    Do you know what is the difference between base price and plus price ( is that a must to take a plus price ? ) is the plus price considered as an upgrade price ?

    I wonder, what is included with every standard packages?

    Thanks for your time.



    • Killara24
      April 28, 2015

      You are welcome !
      The base house price is the base house price. It is just the price for what you get inside the 4 walls. It doesn’t include driveways, landscaping, fencing etc. If you are buying a home and land package, these things are usually included. If you bought land separate, then get Clarendon to build the house, you should be charged the base price. Then you can add the upgrades, like Evolution and Sapphire, depending on what level of luxury you are after.
      Base house price goes up every 3-4 months. Its been a year now and I assume, the base price for Killara 24 would be close to $200,000

      You have to ask them what the price you were given includes.
      For standard inclusions, check their website or ask the consultant for a brochure.


      • Steve
        April 28, 2015

        Thank you very much, you just open my mind.

        Hope you get into your new house soon.



      • Killara24
        April 29, 2015

        Happy to help 🙂


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